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Havana Silk Dog Puppies for Sale – Meet the Breeder

We are a family living life to its fullest with our wonderful Havanese and Havana Silk Dogs in northwest suburban Chicago, Illinois. Fourteen years ago we adopted our first Havanese and learned a precious secret – the Havanese breed is like no other. Our lives have been enriched by this precious breed with Cuban origins. We are committed to preserving this fabulous breed and selectively producing healthy, sound and well-socialized Havana Silk puppies that meet the breed standard.

When choosing our family dog, the top priority was an “affectionate temperament" which would be endearing to our children and welcoming to all visitors in our active household. According to “AKC MEET THE BREEDS”, the Havanese is a sturdy dog with immense charm and highly trainable and intelligent. These traits along with the fabulous temperament, make the Havanese an ideal family pet. Our family would resoundingly concur and having one Havanese proved not to be enough.

In 2007, a group of Havanese breeders formed the Havana Silk Dog Association of America or HSDAA. Havana Silk Dogs are now recognized as a rare breed and separate from the AKC. One of the reasons for the separate registry was there were two very different varieties or types of Havanese and fanciers couldn't agree. The Havana Silk Dog Association looked to the original Cuban standard and only admitted into their registry Havanese that passed a conformation evaluation along with extensive health testing.

At Thunder Road Havana Silks, we prefer the "elegant" little dog of traditional Cuban type, with a flat, silky coat (which the average pet owner can maintain); a long refined muzzle; dark, almond shaped eyes; a long neck; and a tail carried high and waving like a plume.

As members of the HSDAA, we are part of a registry where 100% of the Havana Silk Dogs need to be certified before breeding. In addition to extensive health testing and hands on evaluations, our Certified Havana Silk Dos are required to be “soaped up” to ascertain the underlying structure is sound and we are not breeding chondrodysplastic dogs with crooked legs, an issue that seems to go hand in hand with a syndrome of health disorders.

In accordance with health testing guidelines set by the Havana Silk Dog Association of America, the parents of our Havana Silk puppies are CERF tested annually, BAER tested and have OFA certifications for hips, patella’s and cardiac.

The parents of our Havana Silk puppies have been awarded a CHIC number, which stands for: Canine Health Information Center. The AKC, in conjunction with various national breed clubs, has centralized its database for various health test results. A CHIC number means that the individual dog has submitted to all health tests deemed important to a sound breeding program.

All of our Havana Silk Dogs have submitted to these tests and have favorable results. You can view the testing results through a link when you click on "Our Dogs" tab. 

Havana Silk Puppies are born in our bedroom and are introduced to various areas throughout our busy household. They are introduced to new sights, sounds, textures and fun things to do. They socialize with a variety of household members and visitors, young and old. From our early neurological stimulation program to PAT or Puppy Aptitude Testing, we are quite proud of our puppies and our process of placing them with the ideal forever family.

Our Havana Silk dog puppies are HSDAA registered and guaranteed. Prior to going home, our puppies have had a well puppy exam, age appropriate vaccinations, screening for parasites, a young adult chem panel and permanent identification with a microchip. Our puppies are BAER tested (hearing) and CERF tested (eyes) with certification recorded in the OFA registry. This a part of making sure your new companion is the ideal package - looks, temperament and health.

Havana Silk puppies are available to carefully selected homes. If you are interested in a Thunder Road Havana Silk Dog puppy, please feel free to give us a call or contact us through the web form we have included on our site.

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 This is our first Havanese and the reason we fell in love with the breed. This picture was taken last summer while Aleta was taking a rest from playing the Havanese game "run-like-hell." What an amazing girl and she brings joy into our lives each and every day.

 This is one of our Havana Silk pups from the Earth Day litter having their hearing tested. BAER testing is one of the tests we run on all Havana Silk puppies before going to their forever homes.