Happy tails begin at Thunder Road

Questionnaire for Adopting a Thunder Road Havana Silk Puppy

From time to time we have Havana Silk puppies available to select homes. While we are always happy to take your phone call or answer your email,  the questionnaire is required as part of the approval process.

Please copy and paste in an email and send it to julie@ThunderRoadHavanese.com 

1: Your Name

2: Your address, please include city and state

3. Phone number

4. Email address

5. What is your time-frame for adopting a Havana Silk puppy?

6. Do you own your home or rent?

7. If renting, does your lease allow for pets and may we contact your landlord?

8. On an average, how long will the puppy be left alone?

9. Where will the puppy be kept when left alone?

10. Where will the puppy sleep at night?

11. How did you hear about Havanese or Havana Silk Dogs?

12. Have you ever had a dog before? Please give us your vet's name and phone number.

13. Are you interested in showing your dog?

14. What sex would you prefer?

15. Do you plan on breeding?

16. Do you have any other animals? Please list breed, ages and sex.

17. Please tell us  a little about you and your family and who will be taking care of the puppy.

18. Please let us know if you have any questions for us.

Thank you!

Havana Silk puppies are  available now at Thunder Road, Chicago area, Illinois.