Happy tails begin at Thunder Road

The Nursery - Havana Silk Puppies

Litter of Love, born August 31, 2015

CH Thunder Road's I'm On Fire "Cara" x

GCH Hurricane Ridge's Lorenzo Tesoro Mio "Enzo"

Pedigree of litter here

All of our puppies are now in their forever homes (updated 12-6-15)

The Groovy Kids turned 10 weeks old and They are growing into nice and outgoing little puppies that we are so proud of. They are now moving in with their new families. Thank you for watching them grow and please check back for updates!


The litter of love turned 9 weeks old on Monday!  What a week they had!  They all had their hearing and eyes checked and passed with flying colors. They had their 1st immunizations shots and microchips. They were all very good little troopers and endured these little pains like big kids. They absolutely loved their little outing to Auntie Pam;s house where they were spoiled by all and entertained by Abby and Dylan. They were quite good puppy entertainers. Puppies learned how to master the run-like-hell game too.

Please enjoy the pictures:






The Groovy Kidz turned 8 weeks old and are nothing but a fabulous bunch of happy, tail-wagging sweethearts.

They had their PAT (puppy aptitude testing)  testing done and are going in for their Eye exams and BAER (hearing tests) next week. Their temperaments are the best. They are playful and very funny. They love their humans a lot and even get along with the resident car, Gatsby. 

They had lots of visitors which made them very happy. They were not frugal with their kisses either.They are recognizing returning visitors and greet them with happy little squeals.


Please enjoy these bonus pictures that were taken outside. The Groovy kids enjoyed their romp in the grass and chasing the "big dogs".



Cara and Enzo's Litter of Love AKA the Groovy Kidz turned 7 weeks old. Our Havana Silk puppies had their Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) tests done at 47 days. Testing confirmed  our Havana Silk puppies are extremely smart and very, very sociable. They also had their first outing to Aunt Pam's house where they got to meet Cousin Dylan and their professional puppy socializer Abby. Can't describe the amount of fun they had outside. They did awesome in the car, nobody got sick but they did voice their excitement at the beginning.


Our Havana Silk Dog puppies are turning 6-weeks old and getting cuter every day. Thank goodness for the nice fall weather. They are enjoying romps in the yard, playful antics with the bigger dogs and occasional walks in their doggie stroller. This week we had plenty of visitors, young and old, and the pups are so happy with the attention. Nothing sweeter than puppy breath!


Week #5 - Cara and Enzo's Litter of Love aka Groovy Kidz are turning 5 weeks old. What a fun bunch they are! They all weigh approximately 1 3/4 lbs., very uniform. Otherwise they are now playing the piano, started the tambourine and also started eating solid food. But Mom Cara is still making sure their little Buddha Bellies are full. Oh, and you should see their little tails. Waggety-wag nonstop, that is how they are burning so many calories.


Week #4 - The pups continue to grow and now weighing about 1.5 lbs. each. They had their first taste of puppy food and loved it. After getting their muzzles soaked with the mixture of goat’s milk and kibble, they cleaned each other up like good little puppies. Then mom Cara helped out.

The puppies continue to become more coordinated with walking and love to explore. They experimented with moving a wobble board and making sounds on a kid’s piano. We even wore silly hats to amuse them. Our Jane ended up barking at us. Silly Jane.

They are playful with their litter-mates. Our Zoe, who up to now has been patiently watching the puppies, has ventured  in to play with them. Zoe is so gentle and she engages them in play. You could watch them all day long and get nothing else done. We are loving every minute with these babies!

They are light on their feet and slip and slide, so we provide them with a little traction as the puppy area expands. They are also beginning to use a puppy potty pad which is the first step to house training and they are doing well.


Week #3 - The Litter of Love is 3-weeks old and ready to explore the world. They are trying out their little legs and take a few steps before losing their balance and rolling over. We can hear their little barks too. Carlos' tail is already wagging. Jimi's pigment is really black and complete. Lilly is very easy going and Joni is sweet.  Janis so far has been most successful in walking on all fours and with such speed. Mama Cara is taking excellent care of them.


Week #1 - Our five little ones arrived Monday morning, August 31 with the first, Janis, arriving at 7:58 am. By 10:58 am, she had been joined by Carlos, Joni, Jimi and Lili. All were vibrant and healthy and really interested in nursing. While they  are not yet able to hear or see, they sure can make squeaky sounds when they are hungry. By the end of the week, they have all doubled in size now weighing 9.8 to 10.2 oz. Their little noses and pads are beginning to turn black with the pigment continuing to develop in the coming weeks.


We have also begun an Early Neurological Stimulation Program for breeding better dogs. This evidence based program, developed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, consists of five exercises performed once per day. This is to produce dogs more resistant to disease and healthier. This is in addition to handling and cuddling that we do often and in partnership with our Cara. Cara is a super mom and we do everything to support this. Our other Havana Silk and Havanese girls are patiently waiting to get involved with the pups.

If you are interested in reserving one of our Havana Silk puppies, please call or fill out the Puppy Questionnaire to see if one of our puppies is the right match for your home.