Happy tails begin at Thunder Road

Welcome to Thunder Road Havana Silks!

 The Havana Silk Dog is a re-creation of the delightful little dog from Cuba. Havana Silk Dogs coats are silky and odorless and with minimal shedding, are great for families with dog allergies.

The purpose of the Havana Silk Dog is to please. They are friendly, outgoing and welcoming to all, making the Havana Silk Dog a great dog for active households with children. Small in size, 8 - 13 lbs., the Havana Silk loves to be on the go with the family and is easily portable.

Havana Silks are very smart, easy to train and love to please.The Havana Silk Dogs tactics  include tail wagging, cute little head tilts, clownish behavior and cuddling. Havana Silk Dogs are the best little companion dog in the world!


 Proud Member of the HSDAA 

If you are interested in reserving one of our Havana Silk puppies, please call or fill out the Puppy Questionnaire to see if one of our puppies is the right match for your home.

Julie Savastio (847) 370-2243

Havana Silk Dog puppies, Park Ridge, Illinois